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Home of Canada’s only peer, reviewed blog awards.Open to all active Canadian bloggers (i.e Only Cnd bloggers can submit nominations for their favorite Cnd lefty blogs).

The purpose being ;to publicize & also recognize and reward blogs that self identify as being of the left(or progressive).

A one stop index/reference page of the Canadian Lefty “conspiracy”.


What Constitutes A Lefty Blog;

Now the definition of left,often depends on who one talks to.But for the purposes of The Lefty Blog Awards,I believe by leaving the definition some what open and up to each blogger that choses to participate in the Lefty Blog Award.A consensuses of what constitutes a Lefty Blog will be made self evident.

The very process of self identifying as being of the “left”,is in most cases sufficient.That said I do believe there is a difference between a Liberal blogger and a lefty.Although some most conservatives would include liberal bloggers as being of the left.I believe this is incorrect.Anyway something to keep in mind if you plan on nominating.

In many other Blog Awards,the category “Progressive Blog”is used to cover all political blogs that are to the left of Conservative.In my opinion this is just to broad.

As a general political category conservative,liberal and progressive do help in giving one a general idea of the thrust or conviction/political views of a blog or specific individual.

For these Awards I am using the word Lefty.But I do consider lefty or progressive as one in the same.

For added guidance on what constitutes a Lefty Blog, check out the blogs nominated for the 07 Awards.The “definition” or type of blog that “qualifies” as a Lefty blog, should be made clear.



Canadian Bloggers of any political stripe(with active blogs) submit their favorite Canadian Lefty blogs,[in the lower comment section of the nomination page].

Self nomination is also quite acceptable

Order of placing is determined by a straight forward count of the number of times each particular blog has been nominated by a fellow Canadian blogger.

If a blog has been nominated all ready,do not let that stop you from sending in your nomination for the same blog.

Again it’s the number of nominations that each particular blog receives that decides the order.

Participants can send in any where from one to ten nominations.It’s your choice.

The entire process is transparent.Also due to the nomination method “freeping” becomes a non-issue.

The results can not be skewed,as each blogger can only nominate a particular blog once although he/she can submit up to ten different “Lefty Blogs”

Therefore all participant can keep track of the nomination count [by counting the nominations for each particular blog],if he/she desires ensuring a correct count .

When are the Awards Held;

We hope to make the selection for, top ten/most popular Lefty blogs an annual event.

The first Awards are being held from Jun 11 to July 14 but might be extended(were extended until Nov 30/07) depending on how fast the word gets out.And on the participation level.

I believe a minimum participation level of 50 Cnd bloggers is necessary to give these first Awards some meaning and credibility.

The next selection process(2008),and all those to follow will be held the first 2 weeks of every November.


What Do the “Winners” Receive;

The respect of their fellow blogger,and the knowledge that their blog has made a favorable impression on ones peers.Blogging and bloggers do not get enough recognition(deserved) as it is.So it’s always nice to get a thumbs-up from ones fellow bloggers.

Each of the top three picks gets a blog badge,showing their respective popularity 1st,2nd,or 3rd

All blogs nominated get a blog badge that they can chose to,or not,paste on their blog’s sidebar.

All “winners” and nominee’s will be listed and linked here at the perm home of “The Lefty’s”.

Which might eventually evolve into an index of sorts.Listing some of the “better” Canadian Lefty blogs.Giving blog readers a reference page that links to most of the active Canadian Lefty bloggers.

There is also a wish(hopefully in the near future)to included a real time Lefty aggregator to keep track of the latest posts.


Can I Help;

You sure can,paste a “Lefty Blog Awards” badge to your blog.And help get the word out.

Participate in the nomination process every November.

And if you have any ideas for “Lefty Blog Award” buttons or badges,or anything else related to The Lefty’s,feel free to send them in,for consideration.It’s alway great to have a few cool looking badges.After all who doesn’t like “Blog Badges”.

Who is Behind the Lefty’s; My blog is,”The Engaged Spectator“which I started April 16 2007.I have been blogging for a few years “Engaged Spectator” is just my latest.I also blog as “The Gimp Chronicles” which is temporarily inactive(as of May/07) as I change host and make a few changes

Thanks also goes to April Reign for her help in putting the Blog Badges together.


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