Top Ten ;2007 Canadian Lefty Blog Awards

2008 nominations begin November 1st 2008

[check back for details,the 2008 awards(2nd annual) promises to be better,with improvements all around]

Canada’s,” Top Ten” Lefty blogs,(07)….

As per number of nominations received for each blog.

For easy reference to the,” Who’s Who of the Canadian Lefty Blogsphere”.All Cnd lefty’s nominated have been listed(although in no particular order) .So don’t be shy in checking some of em out,many of which are first rate.

Blog Badges are available,in sidebar, for 1st,2nd,3rd,in fact all blogs nominated (or not).Support The Lefty’s add a blog badge to your site.

1. POGG’eh

2. April Reign

3. Canadian Cynic

4. Galloping Beaver

5. Sooey Says

6. Stage Left

7. Unrepentant Old Hippie

8. Liberal Catnip

9. Vanity Press

10.Red Jenny



James Laxer

Dawg’s Blawg

Idealistic Pragmatist

Relentlessly Progressive

Engaged Spectator

Accidental Deliberations

Le Revue Gauche

Crawl Across the Ocean

Stormy Days of March

My Blahg

Bear 604

Cathie From Canada

The Converted

Rational Reasons

Verbena 19

Marginal Notes

A Canadian Lefty in Occupied Land

Devin Johnston

Thinking Girl


Sketchy Thoughts

The Killing Train

One Tenacious Baby Mama

Radical Indian

Liberated Yet

Shmohawks Shmorg

Uncorrected Proofs

Another Point of View

Rolling Back the Tide of Extremism

The Progressive Economics Forum

The WingNuterer

Filter Blogs

Rainbow Girl

Hope and Onions


Creek Side

Somena Media

Dymaxion World

Canuck Attitude

Thought Interrupted

If There is Hope

Thwap’s Schoolyard

Liberal Catnip

Rambling Socialist

The Cracked Crystal Ball II

The Reaction

Ran Riot

North of Center

Rusty Idols

The Gazetteer

Dipper Chick


Canuck Attitude

The Eternal Gaijin

North of Center

The Woodshed

Birth Pangs

Harper Valley

Giant Political Mouse

The Wheatsheaf:Another Sporadic Rag

Bastard Logic

8 Responses to “Top Ten ;2007 Canadian Lefty Blog Awards”

  1. Pretty Shaved Ape Says:

    um, how come liberal catnip came in at both 8th and 53rd?

    thanks for the nod. can’t help thinking there were just too darn many excellent blogs in there to be given their fair due. still, a niceresource to find folks i don’t already read. cheers.

  2. leftdog Says:

    When did the voting occur???

  3. leftyblogs Says:

    leftdog,….”When did the voting occur???”

    this has been an ongoing project(open to all Cnd bloggers,regardless of political affiliation’s, with active blogs) it first went up back in July.But due to limited participation I let it run till a minimum participation level was reached or till Nov 30/07 or what ever came first.
    The order was decided by a straight forward count of the number of nominations received for each blog.Another goal is to provide an index page of Canadian Lefty Blogs,not just the top ten.
    Also the count is totally transparent,anyone can go through the 07 nomination page(sidebar) and count the number of nomination received for each.If I made a mistake in the count let me know.
    The 08 Awards should go much more smoothly now that there is more time to build awareness(but only if bloggers support the Awards & help get the word out by linking).
    In the future starting in 2008 Nominations will be held ever November(first 2-3 weeks).

    PSA said…”um, how come liberal catnip came in at both 8th and 53rd?”…

    Again the order was decided by a straight forward count of the number of nominations received for each of the particular blogs nominated,i.e you would send in your list of favorite “Leftys”,I would do the same.If each of us has say, POGG eh on each of our respective lists, POGG eh would then have two votes(nominations).And so forth…

  4. Pretty Shaved Ape Says:

    hi leftyblogs, not to argue what you’re saying but catnip (a very fine blog) appears twice in the rankings. she comes in at #8 and then if you scroll on down she appears again. i’m assuming it was a typo somewhere in the order. thanks to everyone that voted and that voted for canadiancynic. cheers.

  5. politicsnpoetry Says:

    Congrats you bunch of extreme radical left-wingers you!!! 😉 And keep up the good work!!!

  6. JJ Says:

    OMG! Is that me? #7!!? This has been out for 2 days, I didn’t even know! *faint*

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  8. sevgi Says:

    thanks for the nod

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